Integrate brand communications across the Mazola product portfolio; give health-minded cooks a reason to believe that Mazola corn oil is healthier and better tasting than olive or canola oil to drive switch; drive awareness of offer and site traffic.


Enable Mazola to take a category captain position with general market consumers through deployment of a branded integrated promotional campaign including print, web and store activation to drive awareness, trial and conversion. We activated the brand point of difference across all shopper touch points – digital, social, in-store and at-home. Consumers were educated on the health benefits of plant sterols through key influencers, celebrity chefs and dietitians, which gave the message credibility. Create digital and promotional campaign to drive Mazola Corn Oil’s point-of-difference “Cholesterol blocking Plant Sterols” to drive product relevance, influence consumers.


Awareness increased as measured by volume increases during the promotion periods. Importantly, while the oils category continues to decline, corn oil HH penetrations have increased by Mazola. We designed and built a non-branded website for Mazola Corn Oil to educate Registered Dietitians about the benefits of Plant Sterols, with the goal of inspiring the recommendation of the use of Corn Oil over other cooking oils to their clients.

Launch Project